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Apples & Angels CASA

Pre-school Casa Program (Children age 2.5 - 5 years)

Lead by a MAC T/ AMI Certified teacher / Registered Early Childhood Educator or Ontario Certified Teacher


Student teacher ratio - 1:8 Classroom capacity - 8 children


Our Pre-school casa environment is equipped with materials that are specifically designed to teach the children one skill at a time, specifically designed materials allow children to explore materials in a more structured way. As the children master these skills they move on to more challenging materials. Children are guided through their daily work time by our qualified team of Montessori trained teachers or Registered Early Childhood Educators.

Practical Life Exercises:

The child develops skills useful in everyday life. These activities refine the child’s fine motor skills and enhance concentration and focus. These activities also build self confidence and independence. 


The Sensorial Exercises:

Helps the child classify elements of his environment and refine his 5 senses.


The Language Programme:

These activities are phonetically based; as a child becomes skilled at identifying letter sounds then they begin to put sounds together to build words. 


The Mathematics Programme:

Mathematics consists of symbol and quantity identification for the categories of units, tens, hundreds, and thousands. The children are exposed to all categories in preparation of operation performance. The operations the students are introduced to are: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

By working with Practical Life exercises and sensorial materials, the child has been indirectly preparing himself for math. Practical Life materials are laid out in a specific and orderly way. The child often follows a set procedure as he/she does each activity. He/she learns to be exact and precise as he/she works. The exercises of Practical Life have given the children the opportunity to develop logical and sequential thought patterns.


Cultural Activities:

These activities are a combination of Geography, History, Biology children learn an appreciation for culture past and present.


Art, drama, music and small group discussion time is dispersed throughout both the toddler and preschool programs.


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