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Apples & Angels Montessori School
Apples & Angels Montessori School
Apples & Angels Montessori School


We (and our son) absolutely love Apples and Angels Montessori School. Our son has learned so much while being here. He loves his teachers, gives them hugs and kisses every day before we leave to go home. The teachers there are so kind, friendly and caring.

I would recommend this Montessori school to anyone and everyone.

- Robyn & Neil


Our 3 year old daughter has been attending Apples and Angels for 5 months.  Our teacher, Ms. Rajni is 

gentle and caring, yet stern enough to gain the children’s respect.  She has become one of our daughter’s 

‘best friends’ and is likely on all of her students birthday invitation list!  Ms. Rajni clearly takes pride in 

what she does and our daughter is a direct result of her skills.



The teaching methods are a nice blend between Montessori and non-Montessori.  For example, on show-

and-tell days there is less Montessori work as the kids spend time learning about the objects they have 

brought in and the letter of the week that object correlates to.  Montessori work such as the rolling and 

unrolling mats is also a unique experience.  We like the log book which has a brief summary of the week’s 

activities and the progress binder showing the improvement of various skills.



We knew instantly that Apples and Angels was the right place for our daughter.  The playground looks the 

way a playground should; dirt, grass, a small house, and a large circle to run and play.  The white picket 

fence adds an old time feel to the preschool when the majority of the industry seems to be comprised 

mainly of metal or plastic climbing structures and wood chips.

 Inside is clean and organized and most importantly we feel our child is safe.  After our first 5 months at 

Apples and Angels we would highly recommend this preschool to anyone interested.

- Julie & Andrew



Our son has been enrolled in Apples and Angels Montessori School and Daycare for 6 months.  As a 21 

month old his vocabulary is well beyond his age as he converses in nearly complete sentences.  He is 

very well-mannered, and insists on cleaning up his toys when he's finished playing with them.  The 

Montessori philosophy taught every day at Apples and Angels is the best educational foundation for our 

son's first years.

 - Wendy & Eric



My son Denzel started the Montessori School in September, since he has joined the school he has done 

remarkably well. there has been a huge change in Denzel, the teachers at school have done an amazing 

job with Denzel. His progress there has been great in every way. Thank you to all the staff

- Stephen Biggs

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