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Saturday School

Apples & Angels Montessori School offer year long Saturday school for grade 1 to grade 8. Subjects taught are English and Mathematics. At Apples & Angels, we strongly believe every student has the capacity to excel and achieve their target grades given the right training and mentoring. That is precisely what we and our fantastic team of teachers thrive to do.

At Apples & Angels, We believe that there are different ways to learn and that kids find it easier or more comfortable to absorb and process information if it is presented in certain way. Dedicated to boosting grades and helping students to reach their full potential, we provide professional, tailor made Math tutoring and English Saturday school services to supplement every stage of education, from grade 1 to grade 8. Our tutorials are Ontario curriculum-based and they're delivered at our location by well experienced teachers. We even offer you a FREE assessment, so you can be sure your kids will receive the education they need.

Program Highlights

Ontario Curriculum based program

In person classes

Classes are every Saturday and run for one hour each subject

Experienced Teachers

Homework Assignments and worksheets

Low fee of only $300 for 4 months program.

Small class size

Program runs all year 

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